Calvary Baptist Church, Bastrop, TX
Our Children in Action group collected 164 children’s books for children seen through our local CASA and Children Advocacy Center.

Community Church, Decatur, TX
It was a blessed day as all our sweet excited children and adults gathered at our church on a crisp Saturday morning! We divided the children into small groups. Group one had the opportunity to bake cookies for our Homeless Ministry here at Community Church. They had so much fun and did a great job mixing cookie dough and baking some mighty fine delicious chocolate chip cookies for the homeless for next Saturday…yummy!! Group two’s job was to decorate paper sacks to put the baked cookies in, crackers, and water for the homeless. What a great job they did as they wrote scripture on the sacks along with pretty colorful pictures! Then we had a group that waited at the doors of our church while church families dropped-off clothes and things for the homeless and food for our church Food Pantry that helps people in need! We had a great turn out of things being dropped-off. This group also did some dusting in God’s House in between times of things being dropped-off! A very excited and helpful group of boys and girls. The last group went to a local Nursing Home and visited. They were suppose to help make jewelry, but it was canceled by the home. It was a great day! The children were able to experience a unique opportunity serving in our community hands-on!! Because of National Children’s Missions Day, our Children’s Ministry has decided to continue having Missions Day every quarter…thank you for such a great idea to minister to our community!!

First Baptist Church GAs & RAs, Frisco, TX
2013 CMDFriscoOur CMD occurred on Wednesday, March 6. For the two weeks prior, all GAs & RAs collected travel size toiletries, shoe laces, lip balm, hard candy, and made scripture cards. We titled our event CMD Stock Sock and used a 50’s theme. We met to stock socks with the items collected. These items were then donated to the only homeless shelter in our county, Samaritan Inn. We enjoyed hula hoops, a sock relay, limbo, a hot potato scripture memory game, and coke floats as we learned about the ministry of Samaritan Inn to the homeless. We also enjoyed dressing for the fabulous 50’s.

Champion Forest Baptist, Houston, TX
On Sunday Feb 10th our Ga’s 34 of them made 116 sock lunches (a pair of socks, a granola bar, fruit cup, bottle of water, spoon and track.). Then on Saturday Feb 16th, 6 Ga’s and 12 adults went out with our homeless ministry Champions 4 Hope and passed out the sock lunches, a hot meal, and clothes to about 40 men. It was a very wonderful experience for our girls to see and they came home changed.

Central Baptist Church 6th Grade Class, Jacksonville,  TX
We actually only just heard about Children’s Ministry Day, but it so happens that on February 16th, my co-teacher and I, and two parents, took five of our sixth graders to Dallas to serve with a homeless ministry, OurCalling. While there, our very rural kiddos learned alot about homeless people in Dallas and what their needs are. We went with the ministry to a parking lot where we distributed hygiene kits (and we took with us quite a lot of the supplies for those kits) and clothes, worshipped with the homeless in music, played games with them, and talked and prayed with them. They saw the people we ministered to as real people, children of God, and they have developed hearts for the homeless. And then – when we came home and gave testimony in church about our trip, their hearts showed through to our congregation and got the congregation fired up to help too! We are going back – NEXT MONTH! Melina Baker 6th Grade Teacher

River Hills Baptist Church RAs & GAs, Robstown,  TX
2013 CMDRobstownWe decided to reach out to three different groups in our community. The R.A.s and G.A.s joined together for Children’s Ministry Day. For the Ronald McDonald House, we baked cookies and took the pull tabs that we had collected. For a nursing home in our area, we decorated pots and planted flowers in them and delivered them to the people that live there. For the Grace House, which is a home for women in need that is starting in our area, we collected toiletries and taped notes of encouragement and verses to the items.