Are you ready to participate in the seventh annual Children’s Ministry Day™?

Join thousands of children across North America in hands-on ministry in your community! On Children’s Ministry Day, kids and their families can join in GenerationReach ministry projects that will touch the lives of babies, Boomers, Busters, GenXers, singles, and seniors – any age-demographic group that differs from their own. . The official day for CMD is Feb 15, 2014, but you can set another convenient date for CMD that fits your ministry schedule.

The King will reply,”What i’m about to tell you is true. Anything you did for one the the least important of these brothers of mine, you did for me,”         Matthew 25:40 NIrV

The Purpose

  • Children can read about missions, hear about missions, and watch missions videos – but nothing can touch their hearts as effectively as doing missions and seeing how their actions affect others. The knowledge that your children will be on mission simultaneously with other groups all over the country promotes a Wow! Look what God can help us do! mindset.
  • The goal of Children’s Ministry Day extends beyond a one-time ministry activity–its aim is to jumpstart a lifetime of serving others. Use these ideas to help children understand how and why they can minister to people from a different age group.

For free resources including clip art, postcards, flyers,  church poster, associational poster, video, and much more, go to and click on “GenerationReach”. You may also order a Tell the Story Promotional Pack to help you plan, promote, pray for, and teach kids about GenerationReach.

WMU invites all children in grades 1–6 to participate. Plan your 2014 event today! Call or email Liz Encinia for more information 214.828.5158,  elizabeth.encinia[at]

Most Asked Questions

Q: Must we have our Children’s Ministry Day event on February 15th?
A: No, you can have your event any time throughout the year. The February date is given to fall during the week of Focus on WMU, but you may pick another date that fits your church schedule.

Q: Is there a state sponsored CMD project that we can participate in?
A: No. We encourage you to use Children’s Ministry Day as a way for your church to make an impact in your local community. You can do this on an individual basis or you can partner with other churches in your community or association to make a greater impact.

Q: We don’t have any age-level organizations in our church.  Can we still participate?
A: Of course you can! Our desire is that all children make an impact in their community, whether or not they are a part of GA or a CIA.

Q: What can we do?
A: You could host a baby shower benefit for a pregnancy crisis center, bless college students with breakfast and free laundry services, host a party for children of CWJC/CMJC participants, reach out to adults with special needs, hand out goodies at a local dog park or even prepare hygiene packs at a ministry center.