When is the last time you stepped knee-deep in the cool, fresh water of a creek? When was the last time you waded bravely knee-deep into the ocean? When is the last time you found refreshment from the heat by standing knee-deep in the swimming pool?

Did you know that the water you were standing in had safety requirements? Next time you go to the beach or head out to the lake, look at the signs. Sometimes there are warnings to stay out of the water. It is not clean enough for you to swim in or even step in knee-deep.

The tragedy is that in many countries around the world, the children and parents and grandparents who live there don’t have clean water. The water we are not even allowed to swim in is the kind of water they drink. Not because they want to drink it, but because it is the only water they have.

The good news is that you can help. You can join the knee-deep water initiative! WMU of Texas is partnering with Pure Water, Pure Love and Texas Baptist Men to provide clean drinking water for countries where clean water is a luxury.

By giving to the Knee-Deep campaign you will be joining with:

  • National WMU for their Pure Water, Pure Love campaign. Since 1997, WMU has provided pure water to missionaries and the people they serve. They enjoy safe, clean drinking water, free from disease-causing microorganisms. For more information visit Pure Water Pure Love.
  • The Water Purification Ministry of Texas Baptist Men. The goal of the initiative is to provide filters to purify water in areas where clean water is unavailable. For more information visit www.texasbaptistmen.org.
  • WMU of Texas and Texas Baptist Men and the new Knee-Deep Campaign. They will partner to dig wells around the world to give people access to drinking water. They hope to launch this initiative in West Africa. More information coming soon.

How Can You Help?

This summer, as you wade knee-deep into a nice, clean pool or creek, think about those you could help. Consider giving your VBS offerings to provide clean drinking water to people in need.

Jesus met a woman who had come to fill her jug with clean water. She left with more than her thirst quenched. Jesus had given her living water. Let your gift of clean water be an avenue for someone to share the story of the Living Water of Christ.

Send your VBS Offerings to:
WMU of TX, Attn: Knee-Deep, 333 N. Washington Ave., Dallas, TX 75246

“Our missions project at VBS was Pure Water, Pure Love. The children were very concerned about other children not having the advantage they have of turning on a faucet and getting clean water at the touch. We pray this will help”.

What Can I Do Now?

  • Recycle and fill an empty water bottle with the money you would spend on bottled water. See how quickly you can save enough money to provide water for a family of four for six months!
  • Stand up for clean water by setting up a Lemonade stand and give free lemonade for donations to Knee-Deep. Idea gleaned from online news article: http://www.semissourian.com/story/1742359.html