WorldCrafts is a nonprofit ministry that imports handcrafts from 38 countries of the world and markets them in the USA. When you purchase WorldCrafts you:

  • Assist more than 60 artisan groups (women and men) around the world who live in poverty in providing for their families.
  • Support artisan groups while buying meaningful gifts for your family and friends.

Currently, WorldCrafts works with 70 different artisans groups in 38 countries and has expanded its product line to approximately 370 quality items. The WorldCrafts web site,, offers information about artisan groups, the complete WorldCrafts product line and tips and resources for planning a WorldCrafts party.

WorldCrafts is a fair trade organization that seeks to ensure that artisans are paid and treated fairly. To host your own WorldCrafts party in your home or church, please go to or email

Hosting Resources and information

Evaluation (pdf)
WorldCrafts 8×11 Map (pdf)
WorldCrafts Event-HostessGuide (pdf)
WorldCrafts Ideas (pdf)
WorldCrafts Recipes 2007 (pdf)
WorldCraft (pdf)

Event Activities (pdf)
Expert Game (pdf)
Crossword and Word Scramble (pdf)
Wordsearch (pdf)
Hands-on Activity (pdf)

Blue Men (pdf)
Find Out More WorldCrafts Cards (pdf)
Nigeria (pdf)
West Africa (pdf)
WorldCrafts 8×11 Map (pdf)
WorldCrafts 11×17 Map (pdf)
WorldCrafts Info (pdf)
WorldCrafts Cards (pdf)
WorldCrafts Doors of Aceh (pdf)
WorldCrafts Gift Cards (pdf)
WorldCrafts Resources (pdf)
WorldCrafts Support (pdf)