Missions involvement provides numerous benefits: an increase in the numbers of persons who are birthed into the kingdom, support for the work of missionaries, and enrichment to the lives of those who join us. It is a delight to know that God calls and allows us to join Him in the grand enterprise of winning the world to Christ.

Associational WMU Leaders are critical links in our task of igniting and renewing a passion for missions in local Baptist Churches. We are grateful that your have committed yourself to passing on your love for missions through your service to God as an associational WMU Leader. We value your dedication, expertise, and experience. Below you will find helpful information to help engage, equip and empower you in your service to God.


WMU of Texas uses this questionnaire to capture information about your Association Leadership Team in order to serve you better. We want to keep you connected to what is going on in the life of WMU. Please complete and submit this form or download the pdf and mail to: WMU of Texas, 333 N. Washington Ave., Dallas, TX 75246.

If you do not have a complete leadership team, would you provide one contact person to whom we could send information. If you have questions, please call or e-mail us at: 888-968-6389; or


Associational WMU Leadership Questionnaire (pdf)

Associational WMU Leadership Questionnaire (update online)


The Bridge is a magazine created by WMU of Texas. Our hope is that through this magazine missions leaders, whether associational or in the local church, will know what is going on in the life of WMU! The Bridge will contain the latest news from national WMU, helpful tools for associational leaders, stories from around the state, and projects to get involved in.

If you are not receiving The Bridge at your home location, please contact WMU of Texas at 1.888.968.6389 to get your name on the mailing list.

You may also downloadable PDF version of The Bridge here. [Download – Summer2013]


The Association Tool is designed specifically for the associational WMU® leader. Need help with your associational WMU leadership role? Need helpful information on resources or the web? This CD contains instructions and suggestions about how to use promotional materials. Materials interpret the emphasis Unhindered! and Project HELPSM: Human Exploitation, conferences for age-level leaders, new resources for 2013-2014, graphics, flyers and promotional pieces, Children’s Ministry Day TM information, a commissioning service, dramas and responsive readings, and much more.

The 2013-2014 Associational Leadership Tool is now available through the WMU of Texas. You may request a cd by contacting us toll free at 888.968.6389 or download the files online. A password is required for download please contact WMU of Texas for this code.

Follow this link to the 2013-2014 Associational Leadership Tool


National WMU made several changes to the New Start Incentive plan. These changes have occurred because very few churches subscribe to curriculum after they receive their free material. Read below to find what stays the same and what has changed:

Stays the same:

  • Curriculum still for new starts
  • Still state initiated — means the forms still come to the state WMU office to be signed by the Exec. Dir. and then sent to Birmingham


  • There is now a 50% discount on essential curriculum for all age-levels. Churches now have to purchase materials but at a discounted rate for one year.
  • There is no limit on how many they can order at the 50% discount
  • The discount only applies to essential curriculum pieces and no other WMU products or resources, i.e., achievement plan books, badges, etc.

Download New Start Form, Instructions, FAQs below:

[2014 New Start Form]

[2013 New Start Instructions]

[2014 New Start FAQs]


WMU is, once again, making this special offer available to associational WMU directors. This offer is valid only for orders placed through WMU! Not valid through bookstores. Please download the form below and send to national WMU at:
Send order form with payment to:

[Associational 20% Discount Form]

WMU Customer Service
P. O. Box 830711
Birmingham, AL 35283-0711
Or call 1-800-968-7301

Please refer to G02238 when ordering.

Please fill out the form completely. Include payment or charge information with your order.