Need to Revamp Camp?

Every once and a while we need to revamp our events. As you begin planning for your mission camp this year please consider “trying out” a few new things. We have provided you with several ideas for mission projects, promotions and programming. If you have additional questions feel free to contact the Children’s Area at WMU of Texas at 214.828.5158.

Mission Projects

Have you ever thought of taking your children off site for a mini mission trip during your week at mission camp? First, look around the community where your camp is located. What locations for ministry are available? Is there a nursing home nearby? A fire hall? A police station? A family or women’s shelter? A hospital or clinic? A park? Ask God to show you and your kids a site or group of people who could benefit from a touch of His love. You will want to remember that a mini missions trip does not necessarly require a craft. Encourage kids to share Christ’s love and let them know that assisting ministry leaders is enough. Ask leaders who usually attend camp to help you plan a variety of ministry projects to do while at camp.

One idea may be to simply have each child bring 3 cans of food to camp and during the week they are able to go and donate it to a local food bank.

Camp Promotions

Need help getting the word out about mission camp? Trying creating a Facebook page. This page will help you connect more easily with your area leaders. You can post announcements, registration deadlines, and even ask a question to all your leaders at once. Leaders will also be able to connect with other leaders in the are and give encouraging thoughts, tips, and ideas for leading children in missions.

Need to find cheaper t-shirt printers? We got you covered! WMU of Texas has worked with several t-shirt printers in our state and we want to pass you their information.

Talk to James Payton
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Talk to Michelle Owens
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Program Changes

Camp numbers dwindling? Try having mini camps from Wed to Friday or weekend retreats. We have found that many GA leaders or chaparones can not attend camp because of their work schedule. Try lessening the number of days they have to attend on a work day and you may see the number in attendance increase.

Try something different and create a day camp. Plan for a two-day event. See our sample schedule below!

Friday Night
Registration at 4pm
Dinner 5-6pm
Worship 7:30-9pm
Afterglow 9:30-10:00pm
Lights out! 10:45pm

Breakfast 7:30am
Energizing Worship and Missionary Moment 8:30 – 9:30am
Ministry projects/Crafts 9:45am – 11:15am
Lunch 11:30 – 12:30pm
Closing worship Session 12:45-1:45pm

Make this a special weekend for mothers and daughters. The best way for children to learn how to have a missions lifestyle is to see the adults in their lives doing missions with them. Plan a weekend for mothers and daughters to enjoy missions learning together. This event can use the same ideas and theme as the camp module provides or you can tweak the study and create something that both adults and children can do.

*This idea also helps with the “lack of chaparones” problem.

Leadership Training and Help

National WMU has provided a variety of tools for you to plan, organize and train your mission camp leaders and volunteers. Order your tools online at

Camp Director Tips by Sandy Wisdom-Martin  $17.99
All the tips you need to direct children’s missions camp, with information on hiring staff, acting in emergencies, screening volunteers, and more

Camp Enhancement Activities Compiled by Sandy Wisdom-Martin  $17.99
More than 100 pages of ideas, including Bible study activities, drama, music, games, and more.