2014 Camp Module

Gotta Tell It Logo 1 SmallThis year’s camp Bible and mission studies will inspire campers with lessons about telling others the story of God. Campers will be challenged to consider ways they can tell the story to others.

The teaching plans can be altered as needed. Four full days of study material are included, but each session can stand alone. Choose the sessions that work best for you, your schedule, your staff, and your location. For a younger children’s day camp, consider using the Day 1 Bible and Mission Studies. For a two-day minicamp, consider using the material for Days 2 and 3.

Take a look at the module overview here:  2014 Camp Overview

Please contact Liz Encinia to get your Camp Module at elizabeth.encinia@texasbaptists.org


Planning Helps

Camp Purpose Worksheet [download PDF]

Philosophy Worksheet [download PDF]

Prayer Strategy [download PDF]

Budget Worksheet [download PDF]

Levels of Biblical Learning [download PDF]

Timeline Worksheet [download PDF]

Daily Schedule Worksheet 1 [download PDF]

Daily Schedule Worksheet 2 [download PDF]

Arrival Schedule Worksheet [download PDF]

Departure Schedule Worksheet [download PDF]