Why Missions Education?

We want to see Christ-followers grow in their spiritual journey and become disciples of Jesus. Our goal is to help them be someone whose life looks like the life and ministry of Jesus, who does the things that He did for the same reasons, and who learns to do all things Jesus taught.

It’s about BEING and DOING.
It’s about the INTERIOR world and EXTERIOR overflow.

Everything we do is geared around shaping your life to be a disciple of Jesus and LIVING into the adventure of your Father’s work. The more you learn about missions the better disciple you become.


Kids encouraging other kids at school
Teens stepping up for others when they are bullied
Adults serving unhindered in their neighborhood

Through missions education, people are taught biblical principles of God’s love and His compassion for the lost. They experience missions through the eyes of missionaries, other believers, and ministry projects. It helps develop a legacy of missions in the life of the church through the interaction of adults and children doing missions together and creating an enviroment of service.

Missions education challenges and encourages believers to develop a missional life. From preschool to adulthood, missions education strengthens the Biblical mindset to live like Christ and follow after Him. We know that everyone has their own learning style and WMU has kept you in mind. We offer a variety of strategies to get your people involved in missions whether it’s through a gender-specific plan or co-ed experience. Take a look through our age-level and gender specific options on this page. If you have any questions feel free to call us toll free at 888.968.6389.