Looking for some ways that you can make a difference right now? Well, we believe God is calling you to do exactly that! We know that there is a power within each girl to change the world. You can allow this power to work through you to change your life, your community, and your world for Jesus Christ. We encourage Acteens to embrace the theme,  “G3: The Power of a Girl to Change the World”. We focus on three girls in G3: you, the girl next door, and the girl on the other side of the world.

If you are looking for the resources, check out the following…

G1: You (The Acteen)

MissionsQuest [Acteens Achievement Plan]

Are you ready for a challenge? Go deeper in your missions lifestyle with MissionsQuest. You will journey through 6 quests that help shape your Vision, Character, Excellence, Confidence, Creativity and Courage.

Spiritual Development

Leadership Development

G2: The Girl Next Door (my neighbor or a girl in my community)

The Power Project – Every January [download flyer]
The Power Project is event you create that creates awareness and helps in the fight against Human Trafficking.

Project Help: Human Exploitation [download flyer]
You have a voice! Get involved and put a stop to human exploitation. Use the Quest for Freedom study and Trafficked! experience to learn about human exploitation and take action.

A Library in Every Home www.literacyconnexus.org
Children who are read to, who observe their parents reading, and who grow up in homes where books abound are more likely to enter first grade ready to learn and less likely to drop out of high school. Join us in providing beginning home libraries for one thousand families next year. Fifty sponsor churches are needed. Contact Lester@literacyconnexus.org or 817-696-9898.

Disaster Relief [Ministry need requested by Texas Baptists] www.texasbaptists.org/disaster
You know that when a disaster hits, your help is needed. Stay connected to the Texas Baptists Disaster Relief efforts to find out how you can help.

10@10 for I-10 www.traffickstop.org
An initiative to pray on the 10th of every month at 10 am/pm for the eradication of trafficking on I-10. Help map out a plan to shut down America’s slave route.

G3: The Girl on the Other Side of the World

Sweet Sleep www.sweetsleep.org
A bed for every head! Provides beds to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, demonstrating God’s love for them and improving their quality of life.

Water Ministry [a ministry of Texas Baptist Men]
Raise money to help send a water purification system to those in need. As little as $40 provides clean water for a family of four for six months. Contact Ron Mathis at justwater4u@yahoo.com

Love146 www.love146.org
Help combat commercial sexual exploitation in the United States and Around the World.

Support Freedom Party www.worldcrafts.org
The Support Freedom campaign actively empowers WorldCraftsSM buyers and aids artisans by highlighting those groups working to free women involved in human trafficking and sexual exploitation. By hosting this party you are making a difference for victims of modern-day slavery.