Feeling a little un-creative? We have ideas just for you. We have searched through preschool misssions and ministry literature and pulled out some great ideas for your use. You will find links to websites, blogs and social networks that offer great ideas, activites, and techniques.

*WMU of Texas does not personally endorse each of these websites or claims to be in partnership with these entities however we have found some content to be useful and thus chose to relay the information. Please use at your own discretion.

Ministry Projects

Children’s Ministry Day Imagine the Children of your church serving your community through acts of compassion. Multiply this by thousands of children, and you see the scope of Children’s Ministry Day!

Texas Baptist Offering for World HungerHelp your children actively support the Hunger Offering every 5th Sunday. Use the children’s curriculum produced by the Advocacy Care department at BGCT to help your preschoolers and children show Christ’s love and generosity by meeting immediate hunger needs ad helping people escape the devastation of poverty.

Ministry Ideas

Missions Dress Up!
Collect old clothes, hats, shoes, and jewelry in ethnic or international styles. Put these in a dress-up box along with items symbolizing the jobs missionaries do: a toy stethoscope, a music book, a gardener’s hat, etc. When children play dress-up they can pretend to be missionaries or people living in other cultures or countries. As they play, talk with children about how God loves all the people of the world and wants them to konw about Jesus. Explain to that how missionaries help people know about Jesus.

Cookie Carriers
Make cooke carriers for use in a cookie ministry. Decorate the carriers with Bible verses, wrapping paper, the fronts of used greting cards, and stickers. Always decorate around a spiritual theme. Keep project costs down by recycling household containers such as oatmeal boxes or ice-cream buckets. Give them a new lease on life as cookie carriers. If this is a group project, ask people who sew and make crafts to donate leftover ribbon, rick-rack, sequins, etc., to the project.