2014 offers several opportunities for anyone to learn how to begin and develop a ministry site for their church or community. Individuals will be fully prepared with knowledge and skills to implement this ministry that touches and changes lives. Come and be a part. Find out how you can minister to women and men in need. Come and answer the CALL.

Upcoming Training Events

NCT for CWJC®/CMJC® Level 1 & 2 for 2015
March 3-6, 2015

Event Details

Level 1 – Comprehensive training for potential site coordinators and other persons interested in learning more.

Level 2 – Advanced training for established site coordinators. You must complete Level 2 within 2 years of completing Level 1.

Level 2 attendees must include with your registration form a copy of the ministry plan for your site and answer the following: What two questions would you like your level 2 trainers to address?

Registration Information

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Lodging Information

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