How to Start a New Missions Group

WMU provides ongoing missions groups/organizations for girls, women, and coed groups in all age levels. Each missions group challenges Christfollowers to understand and be radically involved in the Mission of God. This radical involvement happens as WMU in a church leads people to experience missions personally through ministry and witness, develop missions awareness, and support missions work through prayer and giving. WMU also provides an environment to nurture lifestyles that reflect commitment and obedience to the Great Commission.

Types of Missions Groups

Adults                                                                              Affinity Groups

Women on Mission – women                                      Hispanic WMU

Adults on Mission – coed group                                  Korean WMU

myMission – young adults                                            Sisters Who Care – African American



Mission Friends – Babies to Kinder


Children (1-6th grade)                                                Students (7-12th grade)

Girls in Action – Girls                                                    Acteens – Teen girls

Children in Action – Coed                                           Youth on Mission – Coed teens

Royal Ambassadors – Boys                                       Challengers – Teen guys

New Group Discount

Starting a New missions group in your church can be used as a tool for God to use to bring about changes in the hearts and lives inside and outside of your church. WMU of Texas in partnership with national WMU is able to assist new organizations by providing a basic set of curriculum at a 50% discount for the first year. This material offered at the discounted rate includes the leader guides, student guides and leader’s kit.

New Start Most Asked Questions [NewStartFAQS]

If you are ready to start your organization today, please fill out the [New Start Order Form ](pdf) and mail or fax to:

WMU of Texas
Attn: New Start Incentive
10325 Brockwood Road
Dallas, TX 75238
Fax: 214-828-5150

*Please note that if you are starting Royal Ambassadors or Challengers ONLY,  you will need to send your New Start order form to Keith Mack at Texas Baptist Men.
Send to:
Texas Baptist Men
Attn: Keith Mack, RA New Start
5351 Catron
Dallas, TX 75227

If you have any additional questions please call us at 214-828-5150.