How to Start a New Missions Group

WMU provides ongoing missions groups/organizations for girls, women, and coed groups in all age levels. Each organization challenges Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the Mission of God. This radical involvement happens as WMU in a church leads people to experience missions personally through ministry and witness, develop missions awareness, and support missions work through prayer and giving. WMU also provides an environment to nurture lifestyles that reflect commitment and obedience to the Great Commission.

Starting a New missions group in your church can be used as a tool for God to use to bring about changes in the hearts and lives inside and outside of your church. WMU of Texas in partnership with national WMU is able to assist new organizations by providing a basic set of curriculum at a 50% discount for the first year. This material offered at the discounted rate includes the leaders guides, student guides and leader’s kit.

If you are ready to start your organization today, please fill out the New Start Order Form (pdf) and mail or fax to:

WMU of Texas
Attn: New Start Incentive
10325 Brockwood Road
Dallas, TX 75238
Fax: 214-828-5150

*Please note that if you are starting Royal Ambassadors or Challengers ONLY,  you will need to send your New Start order form to Keith Mack at Texas Baptist Men.
Send to:
Texas Baptist Men
Attn: Keith Mack, RA New Start
5351 Catron
Dallas, TX 75227

New Start Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What defines a “New Organization Start”?
WMU and age-level organizations are defined to be new organizations beginning for the first time in a church that either has never had that age-level organization/WMU leadership or has not had the organization/WMU leadership for at least two years. For example, a church may have an active GA organization, but have had no Acteens for at least two years. The church is eligible to receive The Mag for the new Acteens organization at 50% because they will be considered a New Start.

Q: If my church currently has a GA group, can we switch to Children in Action and receive Children in Action Leader at the discounted rate? Or if we have Acteens, can we switch to the Youth on Mission Plan Book?
 No. This is replacing an existing organization not starting a new one. WMU strongly supports gender-specific learning for girls. Because of that, we do not encourage dropping our traditional organizational structure. It is important to recognize that GA and Acteens materials are designed for a girls’ organization and Children in Action and Youth on Mission materials are for coed groups. If a church currently has GA and/or Acteens, but wants to start a CA or Youth on Mission group to meet at another time, the coed group is eligible for the free literature as long as it is a new start as defined by the instruction sheet.

Q: Is there a limit on how many leader, member, and resource kit subscriptions we can order with this “New Start” offer?
No; we encourage a church to order as many resources as their membership and budget allow. Renewals of current subscriptions are not eligible for this discount.

Q: How do I fill out the form?
Please fill out how many books you are requesting on the line given according to your organization. Be sure to fill out the church name, billing address, shipping address, method of payment, church representative, daytime phone. Please allow the state office to fill out the rest of the form thank you!

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
State Incentive Plan orders are processed internally within 3 business days. Typical delivery should occur 7 – 10 days after that. If multiple titles are ordered, the first issues may arrive packaged together. Subsequent issues are mailed as a part of our regular weekly subscription fulfillment. Subscriptions begin with the month in which we receive the order. Orders received after the 15th of the month automatically start with the next full month’s issue (Ex. An order received in our office on January 16 will receive the February issue.)

 If you have any additional questions please call us at 214-828-5150.