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Challenges and  hardships are immense…

Life in underdeveloped countries can be very unfair, especially for women and girls.  Simple things like dealing with a woman’s regular menstrual cycle can keep someone from going to work or school because she lacks what she needs.  In some countries this time of the month is called “the week of shame.”  Sometimes women are shunned because they are considered unclean.

We know that God loves and values women and girls.  Many in underdeveloped countries do not know that.  Women Helping Women is a way to meet physical needs, while at the same time opening the door for a gospel message.

Two Projects = Same Goal


One way to get involved is making reuseable menstrual pads and drawstring bags.  Our goal is for every woman or girl to receive ten (10) pads in a drawstring bag. For almost three years women across Texas have been involved in the Pad Project.  Over 4,000 reuseable menstural pads have been sent to South Asia, Peru, Uganda and South Africa.

Pads are more than things that meet a physical need.  They become a tool for evangelism and church planting.

Here are the reports from those who receive from the Pad Project:
“Please, please, please … send them our way!!  We’re training all of our female national partners in the Pad Project AND we’re using it to share in Girls Orphanages.  We can’t have too many!”

“We have ladies who are capable leaders who have been trained in church planting methods and are ready to use the pad project as part of their entry strategy.  Without exaggeration, we could train 100 female partners tomorrow if I had the kits. 100 ladies x 10 pads per kit x 10 kits for each meeting = 10,000 pads. ” 


A new request as come from South Asia.  Women in one country in South Asia would like to begin a cottage industry making and selling pads.  There are gifted Christian seamstresses ready to stitch the pads but the flannel they can purchase in country repels water. . . . not a good quality for a pad that’s supposed to be absorbent.  We have been asked to send flannel.

We have set a goal of 715 yards of flannel.  Thus far six yards has been donated.  We only have 709 yards to go!  If you don’t feel you can make pads, consider involved in Blessing by the Yard.  


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